Sveti Ernest

12. siječnja

Bio je rimski biskup u 3.-4. st.

Mučeničku smrt je podnio sa skupinom kršćansih vojnika. Bio je zajedno s njima pokopan na groblju u Rimu sve do kraja 17. stoljeća.

Salzburški biskup Johan Ernest (grof von Thun) je njegove relikvije donio u Salzburg. Položio ih je u crkvu Presvetog Trojstva koju je sam sagradio 1702. godine. Danas se crkva nalazi u sklopu bogoslovnog sjemeništa gdje se sv. Ernest i danas slavi. Mnogi kršćani nose njegovo ime, napose među onima njemačkoga jezičnog područja.


Više o Johannu Ernstu von Thunu
Johann Ernst count von Thun and Hohenstein, mentioned “the founder" (* 3. July 1643 in Prague; † 20. April 1709 in Salzburg) was Bishop of Second-chew from 1679 to 1687 and Prince archbishop of Salzburg from 1687 to 1709.

Johann Ernst became to 29. December 1679 to the bishop von Seckau selected. With its choice to 30. June 1687 it became 58. Archbishop and at the same time 63. religious regents of Salzburg. Johann Ernst built Salzburg to a splendourful Baroque city out. Of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach it left those Kollegien, Ursulinenkirche and Dreifaltigkeitskirche with the priest house as well as Lock Klessheim build. Beside numerous smaller buildings he bought salt citizens Bell play and the cathedral organ established. In addition it put the foundation-stone for the building of the today's National hospital. Also the well-known snail staircase in the cathedral, the “new Türnitz”, former barracks with lock Mirabell, the Marienbrunnen at the today's Anton Neumayr place, the statues of the Apostel Petrus and Paulus before the cathedral portal and the today's shape of the Karabinierisaales of the residence come from this archbishop. With Lofer it let establish the pilgrimage church Maria Kirchenthal. Johann only Thun donated besides a capital of 70,000 guldens the Virgiliani Collegium, 12,000 guldens for the Siebenstädter Collegium and 100,000 guldens for the school of the Ursulinen as well as for the pc. - Rupert Ritterorden.

During authority disputes for many years with that Cathedral chapter in the long run decided by Pope Innozenz XII. stated it opposite the cathedral gentlemen and strengthened his influence. In order to secure this influence also in the future, it set against the will of the cathedral chapter to 19. October 1705 Franz Anton count von Harrach as Koadjutor, which became after its death then also its successor. There were diversities of opinion also with that Bishop von Chiemsee and that Diocese Passau, the Johann Ernst, after long turbulences, all for itself to likewise only decide could. In its countries the secret became Protest anti-mash with hardness pursues.

Archbishop Johann Ernst in handling the leaders left a human impression of the Bavarian rising of the people. While the procedures were accomplished by the imperial administration in Bavaria, it has itself with emperor Joseph I. for mayors Franz Dürnhardt and the coppersmith Andreas Thanner of Braunau at the Inn with success assigned. Johann George Meindl it took up even to its body guard.

Archbishop Thun was buried in the crypt salt citizens of the cathedral.

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